Organize email more efficiently with Mail Enhancer Pro Tweak

mailenhanBack in the early days of the iPhone and iPad, one of their biggest selling points was being able to manage emails. The built in mail app does the job well, but definitely has room for improvement. The jailbreak tweak, Mail Enhancer Pro, adds many useful features for dealing with your emails, and adds more options and ways to manage your mail. Bringing the Mail app to the next level. While there are many alternate apps on the App Store, many people just end out using the built in Mail app because it’s already there.

The tweak lives up to its name and enhances the Mail application, and the way you handle it. When you first open the Mail app you’ll see that your inbox is separated into 3 categories: All, Unread, and Flagged. When you are managing your mail you can select all your messages to mark as read or throw in the trash. You can set custom signatures for each email account, as well as color code each separate account.

While those are some of the bigger features, the tweak also includes some more subtle enhancements. One enhancement is the ability to add rules. For example, if you receive an email from a specific person it will automatically be flagged, or if you keep getting spammed, you can have anything from that sender automatically deleted. To create a rule you have to set a condition like a specific sender, subject, or text. Next, you set an action such as marking it as read, moving it to another mailbox, flag it, or delete it. Additionally, you can modify the email notification settings in more depth.

Create a rule by setting a condition, and then an action.

Create a rule by setting a condition, and then an action.

Using the tweak makes my experience using mail a lot more efficient, and easier to use. Being able to sort my inboxes quickly, and only see my unread messages is my favorite part. Once you go back to the stock mail app, it seems very basic, and lacking customizability. The tweak itself has no visible bugs, and doesn’t affect the speed or stability of the Mail app. The tweak is also great on the iPad, if you use that to handle your mail.

Ultimately, Mail Enhancer Pro improves and builds on the built in Mail app. It offers many features that will optimize your workflow when managing your emails. Whether it’s organizing your mail better, using rules, or more control over mail notifications, the tweak has something to offer to everyone that uses their iPhone or iPad for managing mail. I find it a bit on the expensive side; so I only recommend this to people that frequently check their emails on their iDevices. It’s available for $4.99 in Cydia.

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