Make Your Own Tweaks with Flex 2


Developing jailbreak tweaks is a tough process and isn’t for everyone. Making jailbreak tweaks is a daunting task for a person like me that can’t write a line of code. I don’t know how tweaks are made and have never made one until now.  A tweak called Flex 2 lets users make tweaks without ever writing a single line of code. Even if you don’t want to make a Flex tweak, you can find hundreds of pre-made tweaks in the cloud.

Making a Flex tweak while simpler than code is still a fairly difficult process. As an example, we’ll make a tweak that makes the status bar black on the SpringBoard.

Step 1: Press the add button and find the app named SpringBoard.

Step 2: Press “Add Units…”


Step 3: Find the Library “UIKit.” If it asks you to process it then let it process and then click on it again.flex2tut Step 4: You will encounter a very long list of classes, and you will need to search for, “UIStatusBarNewUIStyleAttributes.”

Step 5: Next, the method that you will want to choose is,
-(id) initWithRequest:(id)

Step 6: Next you will want to go back to the Patch Editor Screen, and click on the only unit that is there.

Step 7: Click pass-through under argument 2.

Step 8: Press id and change the type to UIColor.

Step 9: Now click on pass through and change the value to custom color, and change the color to black, or 000000.

Step 10: Now go back and repeat steps 7-9 for argument 3 except change the color to white, or FFFFFF.
Step 11: Go all the way back to the tweak list, and enable it.


The extra bit of black is caused by an incompatibility with another tweak. If you want to check out a great place to learn more about making Flex tweaks, the Flex subreddit, /r/flextweak/, is an excellent resource to check out. 

While you can make your own tweak, my favorite feature is the ability to download pre-made ones from the cloud. In the cloud you can find all sorts of tweaks from minor touch ups in apps, to big SpringBoard changes, to unlocking every level in your favorite game. A few of my favorites include bypassing jailbreak detection on the Directv app, adding unlimited Safari tabs, allowing unlimited passcode attempts, and most importantly, getting every question in QuizUp correct. There are so many other types of tweaks for apps and iOS already in the cloud waiting to be downloaded.

This tweak is one of my favorites because of all the versatility it has. I like that there are tweaks available for all the system apps and many third party apps. They can be disabled at any time and re-enabled with a single click. Personally, I don’t create tweaks because I just find it easier, and usually the cloud has what I am looking for. The app itself is very solid, and I’m yet to download a glitchy tweak. There is also a rating system for tweaks that was temporarily removed, but is expected to return.

Flex is a tweak that has many tweaks within it, and has unlimited possibilities. Whether you create a few tweaks or just download them, the choice is yours. It’s a great tweak that should be on every jailbroken iPhone. While it is a little pricey at $3.99, it is well worth the money. I highly recommend it, and you can get Flex 2 in Cydia today.

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