Latest Samsung ads mock the iPhone’s screen size, and iPad’s lack of multitasking

In the past, when Samsung has mocked Apple in its ads, it’s been a bit below the belt. Poking phone at its “iSheep” who queue outside stores for a new iPhone, before launching a device that people line up for. There was also the downright awful mocking of the fact that iPhone doesn’t have NFC so you can’t share by just tapping your phone on someone else’s. (Before Apple launched AirDrop on iOS, letting you send files without touching anyone’s phone.)

The latest one hits home on two facts that have a lot of Apple users frustrated: The iPhone’s screen size and the iPad’s lack of multi-window multitasking. At least, these are my two biggest frustration points. The truth is, iPad would be a much more capable productivity tool if I could see to apps on screen at the same time. The iPhone would be easier to type on and better for multimedia if it had a bigger screen.

What do you think of these ads? A bit classier from Sammy, or as irritating as ever?

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  • jjredfish

    Samsung even has to copy Apple’s commercials (poorly, as usual).

    Huge pathetic fail.

  • Vijay Panjwani

    This ad i soo sad Samsung. Why use an iPad in your ad if your product is so good.?

  • Bud

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And Samsung flatters Apple… a lot!

  • TBN27

    They forgot to show when the note 3 froze up. You can keep it sansung

  • No thanks. Every time I see TouchWiz, I cringe. Even that doesn’t make Android look nice to me. And if I’m ever going to use an Android device, it’ll be a device running pure Android.