iWatch may not include advanced health sensors as first rumored


With many of the original iWatch rumors, we heard about many complicated health sensors that would tell us lots of detailed information about our health, including glucose sensors as well as hydration monitoring sensors. However, a new report is claiming that these rumors are off, and that Apple is, in fact, working to make an iWatch that is more accessible to everyone, not just fitness gurus, and will still include health sensors, but just more basic health sensors such as pulse rate.

A source tells us that the team Apple has assembled is intended to ensure that the health sensing capabilities of the device are efficacious. Some fitness tracking devices available today primarily give users feedback in the form of an arbitrary points system — like Nike Fuel. Apple will likely not do this, but instead focus on real metrics like calories. Having a team with such advanced pedigrees will help ensure Apple’s device is accurate. Don’t expect glucose sensing though.

In addition to squashing the advanced sensors rumor, the report does claim that Apple is working on a new Healthbook app, which had been rumored previously. The app will reportedly track all health sensors and information collected through the iWatch and keep it in one convenient app.

While it had also been rumored that the iWatch would be a standalone device, this report also claims that it will likely depend on an iPhone or other smartphone to be connected via Bluetooth for connectivity.

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Source: MobiHealthNews

Via: MacRumors

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