iPhone fan first in line for iPhone 6 in Tokyo, 7 months early


Yoppy, a Tokyo-based Apple blogger has long-wanted to be the first person to be in line for a new iPhone. Last year – in fact – he turned up in plenty of time, a day before launch, only to find that others had beaten him to it. This year, he wasn’t going to make the same mistake. So he lined up. 7 months before we’re expecting any new iPhones. Dressed as an iPhone.

We often get surprised when people decide to go line up for the latest iPhone model if it’s more than 1-2 days in advance. 7 days is extreme, but not unheard of. 7 months? That’s just ridiculous. But, in this case, I don’t mind speculating that it’s almost certain he was doing it purely as a publicity stunt. As an Apple blogger, and fan, he should surely know when most of us expect the iPhone 6 to arrive. Even if we don’t, it’s not like we’re going to be caught by surprise. Apple will host a launch event, and everyone involved in tech will know about it. So, I’m presuming he knows better, and wanted some press.


According to the report on TogTech (via Rocketnews24), after drawing a few eyeballs, he went in to the Apple Store to ask when the phone would be released. As expected, the sales person told him that they didn’t know.

“The release date isn’t set yet,” he was informed. “Actually, that product hasn’t even been announced yet, and we don’t know when, or if, it will.”

After that, he clearly realized he’d have to wait for ages (or got the attention he wanted) and decided to leave. If any of you ever see me waiting in line for an Apple product more than 2 days before launch, you have permission to slap me in the face.

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Via: Rocketnews24, TechnoBuffalo

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  • TBN27

    That’s a bit extreme

    • TwerkNerd

      A bit? No. He wasn’t waiting for an iPhone, and had no intensions of staying their until it came out. He just wanted publicity. And unfortunately he’s getting it because people – like Cam – buy into it for a news story. SMH!

      • Cam Bunton

        I found it entertaining. So, I posted it.