Head of Technology Advancement Group at Apple retires after 12 years

brett_bilbreyA report is coming out today that, after a near 12 year tenure with the company, the head of the Technology Advancement Group at Apple, Brett Bilbrey, has retired. NetworkWorld broke the news, and also got in contact with Bilbrey to discuss his role while at Apple. In the former 5 years of his stint at Apple, he was the head of the Technology Advancement Group, and that’s all he was really allowed to say:

As my next role at Apple, I headed up the Technology Advancement Group, where my teams prototyped many projects for Apple. Of course, nothing that I can speak of. All I can offer about the Technology Advancement Group is that it is focused on forward-looking technology that can be deployed in products

If you have heard this name before, it is because it is listed on plenty of Apple patents that have been filed over the years, including things such as 3D cameras for iOS devices and wireless charging technology for those devices as well. I – and I’m sure many others – would bet this guy knows a lot of what Apple has in the pipeline in terms of the next few generations of iPhone and iPad devices, and quite possibly Macs as well.

This isn’t the only high profile person Apple has lost recently, with VP of iPad and Mac operations, Rita Lane, also leaving recently. Twitter also went into a complete frenzy when it was noticed that Jony Ive’s picture had disappeared from the company’s executive profile site, only to reappear later and be blamed on a technical issue. Apple would be a completely different company if Ive were not there, many believe. Apple hasn’t only been losing people, however, also going on a hiring rampage recently with bio-related hires.

What do you think? Are you wondering where Apple is going next? Who will take this position? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: iDB, NetworkWorld


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