Beautiful iOS 8 concept reimagines multitasking and Control Center

ios8-fullControl Center in iOS 7 was a popular addition allowing for quick access to some of the most used settings and functions. Multitasking was also redesigned in iOS 7, opting for a card-like carousel showing a screenshot of each running app. Now, a new iOS 8 concept by designer Bill Labus on Dribbble has beautifully reimagined both of these features and merged them into one, to provide you with quicker access to multitasking and Control Center.

Bill Labus:

Unfortunately, I find double-clicking the home button to be irritating – there’s a noticeable delay between the second click and the multitasking view appearing, and in my haste I often accidentally triple-click the home button, forcing me to wait while the OS bounces into, and back out of, multitasking. Control Center’s bottom edge gesture is far faster and easier to perform, however as I said I do use Control Center frequently as well, so I wouldn’t necessarily want to swap the two and use the home button double click to bring up Control Center.

So, my proposed solution is to combine the two…¬†flicking up from the bottom of the edge allows the multitasking app views to be tied directly to the gesture, which allows for direct manipulation and avoids having to wait for a passive animation to complete before interacting with them.

As you can see in the video above, a simple swipe up from the bottom edge brings up Control Center and shows you the apps that are running. I agree with Labus’s sentiment that the swipe up gesture is easier to perform than double-clicking the home button. Having multitasking available via this gesture might also give our home buttons a much needed rest and prevent them from eventually failing as is often the case.

However, combining multitasking and Control Center in this way is not without its drawbacks – there is less space for both – however, I feel like a decent balance could be struck, especially if the user could decide which controls were featured below the app screenshots.

What do you think of this iOS 8 concept? Would you like to Control Center and multitasking reimagined in this way? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter: @TodaysiPhone.

Source: Dribbble

Via: Cult of Mac

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  • TBN27

    What would also be great if they can add application live widgets somehow while keeping the familiar app icons interface. Maybe a 4th colum in the notification center marked “live” or “widgets” or within the “today” column. Would be great for quicker access to needed info in the apps like news FROM CNN or Engadget, Facebook notification walks and status update, ETC. without having to open the app. Also allow to arrange the widgets with most used at the top and least used at the bottom within the column..

  • 420 Blazin

    When will the jailbreak tweak be out?

  • So, this guy is too impatient to wait for it to come up after a double-click of the home button? I’m going to ignore this. It has some merit, but the reasoning is silly.

    • Adam Oram

      I find that I often do the triple-click thing he describes. So frustrating.

  • And if iOS 8 had Mission Control? I read here:

  • Rick Rudge

    I like Bill Labus’ idea of using the Control Center to access Multi-Tasking instead of double-pushing the Home Button all the time. My poor old Home Button gets enough abuse, as it is, and this makes a lot more sense. I hope that Apple is watching.

    • Adam Oram