Apple and Samsung fail to agree on settlement after mediation talks


Apple vs. Samsung round two is set for a court date beginning next month, but before the two tech giants battled it out in a court-room for their second high-profile hearing, the two were ordered to try and agree settlement. Both companies are accusing each other of infringing on patents. With both companies wanting entirely different outcomes from this, it’s no surprise to hear that Sammy and Cupertino have held mediation talks, and have failed to come to an agreement. On a more positive note, the two are prepared to talk again. I’m sure both legal teams are keen on avoiding another major court-case, if at all possible.

That said, this exactly the same pattern as that which occurred between the two companies before what turned out to be a $1 billion case. This time out, court proceedings are set to begin on March 31st.

As for the differences between the patents and devices allegedly being infringed, the court published a document a little while back detailing 25 patents and devices in total. Most of Apple’s were based around graphical user interface elements, and gestures involved in achieving specific tasks. Samsung’s are almost all standards essential patents that Apple has no real choice but to use. It’s too early to say which way this is going to go, but it’s almost taken for granted that settlement isn’t going to happen.

For the full lowdown on the most recent court document, hit this link.

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Via: AppleInsider

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