Apple alludes to unannounced ‘new platforms’ in job listing

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With CEO Tim Cook stating that the company has “big plans” for 2014 and on more than one occasion that new product categories will be entered this year, we’re all waiting in anticipation of new products and platforms from Apple. Now, a job listing from the company discloses that new platforms are perhaps already in the works.

The position advertised is for an ‘Instrumentation Design/NPI Engineer’ which was published this week and seeks a hardware expert to aid with the introduction of new products. The idea of Apple working on new products will come as no surprise, however, the listing mentions that the successful candidate will be working across the company’s existing platforms as well as “new platforms as of now unannounced”.

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We know that Apple makes the bulk of its money from its iPhone, iPad and Mac platforms and it is clear from the job listing that the “new platforms” are not referring to updated versions of current hardware lines.

The most obvious guesses for what the platforms being alluded to are the much rumored iWatch and upgraded Apple TV that are expected this year.

Rumors have been swirling for months regarding an Apple wearable device that will perhaps gather health and fitness data and be integrated with a ‘Healthbook’ app in iOS 8. The number of medical, science, sleep and fitness hires Apple has made in recent months has also pointed to these capabilities.

As for the Apple TV, the new product is expected to be a significant hardware bump to the existing model, perhaps opening up the platform for developers to some extent.

After not introducing any products in the first half of 2013, it is expected that 2014 will be different with product launches coming throughout the year.

Via: AppleInsider

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