Zynga buys ‘Clumsy Ninja’ developer NaturalMotion

App developer Zynga has purchased NaturalMotion, the game developer responsible for hit titles Clumsy NinjaBackbreaker and CSR Racing.

NaturalMotion has joined Zynga Inc. as a wholly owned subsidiary, in a deal worth $527 million. Zynga recently reported losses of $25 million in the fourth quarter of 2013, with plans to reduce its workforce by 15%, over 300 jobs. Zynga Chief executive Don Mattrick claimed that the acquisition of NaturalMotion would “significantly expand” its “creative pipeline”. In the deal NaturalMotion will retain all of its branding, as well as its organisational structure, PR relationships and technology business.


Zynga has not enjoyed much success on iOS, despite its prominence on desktop. The purchase of NaturalMotion, which is responsible for a string of highly successful iOS apps, may certainly turn Zynga’s fortunes around.


Via: Zynga blog


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