Top Stories This Week: iOS 6 jailbreak theme, 2014 expectations, best apps of 2013 and more…


It’s the end of the week, and an odd one at that. With New Year’s day falling on Wednesday, Thursday felt like a Monday and stories only really started developing at the end of the week. This week’s most viewed stories are a great mix of different topics from our favorite apps of 2013 to jailbreak themes, concepts and more.

1.iOS 6 Theme for iOS 7 switches out your flat iOS 7 logos for the old-school iOS design

Not everyone likes iOS 7. It’s a big change from previous versions of iOS on the aesthetics front. So, when the jailbreak landed last weekend, one of the earliest themes to get press was the iOS 6 theme which turns it back to the old and familiar looking UI.

2.What should we expect from Apple in 2014? iWatch, iPhone 6, iPad Pro?

Will Apple surprise us this year? That’s probably the biggest question at the turn of 2014. Will we see new product categories, or just updated versions of pre-existing devices.

3.TiP Editor’s Choice 2013 – Best iOS Apps and Games

2013 was an amazing year for the App Store. We listed our favorite apps of the past 12 months, including Tweetbot, Republique, Mailbox and a handful of other really great programs.

4.New Snapchat update adds filters, front flash, and more

Snapchat was updated to include a handful of new features.

5.Apple should take hints from the latest iPhone 6 and 6c concepts [pics]

Lastly, a fantastic concept imagines the next generation of iPhones and contains a few design cues I’d love to see Apple take notice of.

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