Todoist launches Todoist Next: to-dos, collaboration, real-time sync and more

Todoist Next is a complete rewrite of cross-platform task management app Todoist adding support for collaboration, real time sync, visual scheduling and more.

In the new update collaborating with friends, family or coworkers is easy including delegating tasks, adding comments to shared tasks and getting notified when something changes. The visual scheduling feature makes planning your day, week or month simple. Real time sync ensures that all your data is kept in sync across all platforms and devices, something previously reserved just for premium users, and means no more manual refreshing.

As well as a bunch of new features, Todoist Next is also a complete visual redesign bringing with it a fresh new look that fits right in with iOS 7.

Todoist’s CEO, Amir Salihefendic, had this to say about Todoist Next:

People have completed millions of tasks and projects using our previous software. With Todoist Next, we expect this to increase to billions of tasks and projects. It’s that significant of an improvement.


Here are the iOS release notes:

What’s New in Version 8.0.1

• Todoist has been totally re-envisioned!
• Invite anyone to collaborate with you on tasks and projects
• Enjoy a sleek, streamlined design across 13 platforms and devices
• Plan your days clearly with a visual scheduling feature

Download the iOS app for free in the App Store and check out the Todoist website for more information and cross-platform details.

Via: Todoist Blog

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  • JoshDeax

    Todoist + Bitrix24 = the best free productivity combo ever created.