SwiftKey coming to iPhone in form of Note-taking app?


If there’s one single reason I’d switch to Android as my main device, it’s SwiftKey. The reason is simple: iOS’ default auto-correct and predictive typing sucks. Really badly. On the other hand, SwiftKey is – as they say – the bees knees. In fact, back when I had the HTC One last year, it was my primary communication device for the sole reason that I actually enjoyed texting and messaging people. It was easy and fast. All because of SwiftKey.

A recent leak by @evleaks (via iDB) suggests that we’re going to be getting it on iOS soon (sort of). While Apple won’t allow developers to release stock keyboard replacements in the same way Android does, there’s nothing to stop developers from releasing messaging or note-taking apps with new typing features built in. And that’s where SwiftKey comes in.

The aforementioned leak shows a rendered image of SwiftKey Note running on an iPhone 5s. By the looks of things, it’s a very simple note-taking app, with the built in predictive typing features of SwiftKey built in. As you can see from the image, the three most likely words show up in individual tabs to select.

Apart from that, we know very little. We don’t know if it will have all the features of SwiftKey on Android. It’d be great if it had the ability to learn your most used words and phrases to make better predictions, and told you stats of how it’s improved your typing. But, we simply don’t know. Regardless of that ignorance, I’m pretty excited. Now I just need a reason to start taking notes on an iPhone…

Via: @evleaks


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  • jabombardier

    They did the same with touch pal and it is pretty much useless. Swift key is one of the things I miss on android. But, still as much as I find the auto correct on the iOS keyboard is trash, I find it more responsive and accurate compared to all others. That being said, would it hurt apple to collaborate with the makers of swift key and and integrate the swift key features in an updated keyboard. Or at least add the feature where it shows suggestions without autocorrect