Starbucks Pick of the Week codes can now be redeemed with App Store camera feature


Along with iOS 7 came an update to the App Store and how you redeem gift cards. Until now, it’s been restricted to iTunes Gift Cards only. Other redeemable cards required the age-old typing in of digits. This applied to Starbucks’ Pick of the Week cards. For those that don’t know, these are the cards you’ll often see sitting on show at your local coffee chain. Each week the company offers a free app, book, album etc. On the back, is the usual redemption code.

Now, users looking to redeem these cards can do so using the iOS 7 camera feature.

Redeeming a code using your camera is simple. Open up the App Store app and scroll to the bottom of the home “featured” page. You’ll see a “redeem” option. Tap on it, and the next screen then asks if you want to use the camera. Once you’ve selected the camera as input method the camera UI will load up on screen and any code inside a rectangle frame will be automatically recognized and used to download the free content.

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