Snapchat’s new security feature hacked already

Earlier today, Snapchat announced that, in light of its recent security scandal in which 4.6 million phone numbers were stolen, it was going to introduce a new verification system to ensure that all users were in fact human. This includes making sure that users are human by requiring them to select pictures that contain the Snapchat ghost logo. This was seen as an important security step for the company that would ensure that only humans were accessing accounts on the app.

Snapchat Hack

However, it was revealed today that the security feature is really not all that secure, and was actually hacked “with very little effort.” Steve Hickson used image analysis to design a program that would search for ghosts in the images, and would then have that program select the images with the ghosts in them. With this program, it is simple for someone to write a code that can still gain access to the app, even through the humanizing security feature. He claims the code took just 30 minutes to write up, and has so far performed at 100% accuracy.

Even though I am a Snapchat user, and my number was not stolen in the hacking at the end of last year, I still do worry about the security of my data on the app. I would expect an app as big as Snapchat would be able to be sure the information they collect is safe. I sure hope that Snapchat gets it together and prioritizes security soon, because I’m getting more and more worried about the security of my data. Are you as worried as I am about the safety of your data, or do you think this has all been blown out of proportion? Let me know by tweeting me at @TiP_Griffin.

Source: CNET

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  • MarkAMoyer

    What sort of personal/sensitive/important data are you entrusting to a social networking app??  Better question is… why??