Get the Most Out of your Pebble with Smartwatch+ Tweak


Smartwatches are on the verge of being the next big thing in tech. The Pebble is one of, if not the most popular smartwatch so far. The built in software is pretty basic, it tells the time, controls music, and delivers notifications. The tweak, Smartwatch+, aims to take Pebble to the next level, and make it the ultimate smartwatch.

After installing Smartwatch+, you have to install two apps onto your Pebble and you’re good to go. The newly installed Pebble app, Smartstatus, is where the watch face lies. The watch face is divided into three sections. The top third contains the date and time, and clicking on the top right button will activate Siri. Next, the middle part contains the weather, next calendar event, and music info. Clicking the middle right button will rotate through these three options. Finally, the bottom contains the number of messages, emails, missed calls, and the phone’s battery percentage.


The second Pebble app called Smartwatch+, contains a bundle of different screens. You can set the order and change settings for the screens on your iPhone. There are 13 screens overall, but my favorites are Messages and Find My Phone. The Messages screen allows you to quick reply to messages using custom templates that you can create on your phone. Find My Phone will play a loud sound on your iPhone to help you track it down. The other screens are Music, Camera, Siri, GPS, Missed Calls, Calendar, Stocks, Weather, Reminders, and a Bitcoin tracker.

As I have worn a Pebble for it has been a great experience, but the Pebble’s default set of features has been a bit underwhelming. Smartwatch+ elevates the Pebble to the next level, and it makes it more than just a notification receiving watch. It allows responding to messages, activating Siri, pulling up info like weather, and it gives me a lot of information on the watch face. It’s really convenient for me to be able to check my calendar or reminders with out ever taking out my phone. The iPhone app has been a bit quirky at times, but restarting the app typically fixes it.

This tweak adds a lot of functionality to the Pebble, and brings it to the next level of what a smartwatch should be. Buying the tweak includes a watch face that’s good looking (by Pebble standards) and packed with information, and it also includes the 13 screens that add a new level of functionality. This is a must have for any Pebble owner. Even if your iPhone isn’t jalbroken, there is an App Store version with limited functionality. However, if you are jailbroken and own a Pebble, it’s well worth the money. You can get it for $2.50 in Cydia.

If you are considering buying a Pebble you can check out our review here.

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  • quaan

    TodaysiPhone I think it’s ugly as hell, hopefully they would refine the design.

  • DrewPage

    Actually, its showing as $4.99, and I’ve already bought the App Store version when I got my Pebble. It’s not worth another $4.99 to get a little more functionality.