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The iOS lock screen has always been very basic and has not evolved any new functionality over the years. While the design has been tweaked a bit, it has never gone through a major overhaul. A new tweak Convergence, aims to completely rethink every aspect of the lock screen.  The tweak changes every part of the lock screen in a gorgeous yet easy to use way. Convergence’s focus on the smaller details is what makes the tweak special, and rounds out the experience.

The first time I saw the lock screen with the tweak, I saw four buttons. There were three on the bottom, and one at the top. I first slid left in the native direction to unlock, except the phone didn’t go to the home screen. I was instead presented with toggles for WiFi, Airplane Mode, etc. The toggles can be customized further in the settings. The toggles are a nice addition to the lock screen, even though Control Center does make it a bit redundant. Also, swiping to the right will take you to the camera.

Next, if you swipe up you will see a widgets screen. There are widgets for weather, calendar, RSS feed, and system info. The widgets have a clean look and are pretty simple.  Those are the only four available right now, but it is likely more widgets will be available when the tweak leaves beta testing. The widgets promise a lot of potential and I can’t wait to see the widgets people come up with.


Convergence also has changed the way that we deal with lock screen notifications. In regular iOS, a list will just accumulate over time, which can be a lot to manage. With Convergence, notifications are organized by app. As notifications pile up, there will be an icon from each app that has a pending notification. Clicking on the icon will show a list of its respective notifications. From there you can click on the icon to return to the grid of apps, or click on the text to launch the app.  I really think this is a great way to manage the chaos of lock screen notifications.


Finally, to unlock the device you swipe up. While you swipe up, a beautiful keypad zooms in so you can enter your passcode. It works the same way as the default iOS 7 keypad, but looks better in my opinion. It is still in beta, so there is no Touch ID or alphanumeric passcode support yet but it is in the works.

Despite all these features, one of my favorite parts of the tweak is the design. The animations are very smooth and well done. The widgets, the toggles, and the keypad all look beautiful as if they were native iOS features. There will also be support for third party themes, and I can’t wait to see what can be done to the tweak.

Using this tweak has redefined the lock screen and what it should be for me. I really enjoy being able to get the most out of the lock screen. It has made me more productive on my lock screen, and I have enjoyed using it a lot more. The attention to the every detail is what has made this one of my favorite tweaks.

As I have mentioned a couple times so far, this tweak is still in beta. It is missing things like Siri support, Touch ID, among other things. It is still very buggy, and has caused me quite a few SpringBoard crashes. It is by no means a finished product, and I cannot and will judge it on that, but it is worth mentioning.

Overall, this tweak fundamentally changes the iOS lock screen. It changes the design, while also adding widgets, toggles and so much more. It is a very well made tweak, and it has a lot of potential with third party themes and widgets. I can’t wait to see the finished product, and it is definitely one of my favorite tweaks. I whole-heartedly recommend this tweak, but I do recommend that you wait to buy it until it comes out of beta. However, if you live on the bleeding edge, you can get access to the beta for $2 here.

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  • yung40oz84

    How do I get the weather widget to work???

  • Ruen

    Where can I find the wallpaper in the last screenshot? The one that ends with the reddish colour. 
    It’s just beautiful

  • Matchstic

    I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to review Convergance!