New Apple TV set-top box coming soon complete with App/Game Store?

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Reports have surfaced today concerning the future of the Apple TV and, if they are to be believed, a new version of the set-top box is coming soon and will be complete with an App or Game Store – something Apple TV users have desired for some time.

Phil Dzikiy of iLounge claims that the Apple TV will be getting “proper game support” in an update likely to come in March, citing reliable industry sources. He adds to this, stating that developers are currently working on Bluetooth controllers and that games could be downloaded on to the Apple TV itself rather than relying on an iOS device as an intermediary.

From iLounge:

One developer has suggested that game support could be backward-compatible with the current-generation Apple TV. However, it’s unknown what current Apple TVs would use for storage — it’s possible iCloud could be part of a solution. This update would effectively put Apple TV on par with the latest Roku devices, which have already had their own app stores for some time. An Apple TV App Store has been awaited for years.

Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac has also added fuel to the fire stating that the site has learned that a successor to the current-gen Apple TV is well into development. The device will reportedly be a set-top box device, rather than a fully-fledged television set that some have hoped for, and will be introduced in the first half of 2014 although this may change due to negotiations with content partners.

The site’s sources claim that Apple has been experimenting with input methods although it is unlikely that Kinect-like motion controls will be incorporated in this year’s iteration.

Gurman claims that new types of content is being considered, leading him to believe that a “Game Store” for the device is under consideration. Apple has been adding new partners for its Apple TV but has as yet been reluctant to add an App Store and open up development, but perhaps this is about to change.

We know television is a category Apple has been intensely interested in. Apple does not generally do hobby products so maybe the Apple TV is about to take some steps towards becoming the dreamed-of experience Steve Jobs spoke of in the Walter Isaacson biography.

Via: iLounge, 9to5Mac

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  • Channel350sky

    I believe they are now involved with a British Company that will provide Television to mobile devices without internet, also set top boxes that can also be integrated with mobile devices like tablets and mobiles. They have licence for Freeview in UK with full HD. In USA they have a partner with broadcasting company that has a number of regional station.

  • GrimeLord

    Channel350sky pray tell would the company be Motive television  on the London stock exchange ? I have always had my suspicions but only time will tell. As both claim to be releasing products about the same time

  • iPostBit

    It bears mentioning that since most people don’t play computer games, merely adding gaming capability to the AppleTV is not a “win” nor is is a product that will change their fortunes very much. If this is all Apple has planned for AppleTV, it’s a giant FAIL for most users.