Moment Lens launches on Kickstarter, looks awesome for mobile photography

Mobile photography is something that many people are beginning to take advantage of. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc are all beginning to become centered around media, including photography (obvious for Instagram). Other companies, such as ōlloclip, currently offer attachment iPhone lenses that you can place over the camera of your iPhone in order to be able to use, say, macro or wide-angle viewing angles on your mobile device. Well, that is kind of what Moments Lens is, but not quite.

The difference with Moment Lens from other solutions at the moment is that Moment Lens allows you to use the lens with almost no restriction on what case you are using. This is because it attaches to the phone via a very thin plate of metal that attaches with adhesive to that back of the device, that then allows the lens to be attached (see below).

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 5.45.51 PMThis is awesome, and definitely has me interested. Being able to use almost any case along with this sounds great. While I love my ōlloclip, I also love being able to use a case (I do so more for looks than protection). If I wanted to use the ōlloclip, I’d have to take off the case to use it, so it became too much of a hassle. Sure, ōlloclip has its own case you could use that doesn’t need to be taken off to work, but then I can only use that case, not any I want. If you want to check this out more for yourself, head on over to Kickstarter here: Moment Lens.

What do you think? Are you going to back this? Interested in seeing how well it does? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: Moment


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  • ajt_uk

    TiP_Cam good idea. Only concern is that different cases have different thicknesses and if the lens plate sticks to the outside of the case…

  • ajt_uk

    TiP_Cam then it means the lens can be at different distances from the camera giving varying focus results. Hope it works. Like it!!