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Over the years of jailbreaking, there have been many attempts to add the ability to quick launch apps from the lock screen. Many of the various tweaks had their own styles and were integrated into iOS in creative ways, but most added clutter to the lock screen. Swipey is the first attempt at an iOS 7 lock screen app launcher without adding bulk. The tweak works to a degree, but is not fully evolved quite yet.

After installing Swipey, you can go to the Settings app and customize which apps you want and their order.  After you’ve set your apps, you can go to the lock screen and swipe from right to left. When you do, you’ll see a blurred preview of the app along with its name. You can continue swiping to see up to 6 apps, or you can return to the lock screen. Once you’ve picked your app, you can stay over it, and in a few seconds that app will launch.

Swipey includes passcode support, but the tweak is optimal if there is no passcode. If you have a passcode enabled, you will have to enter it before the app launches. I personally did find it annoying when I had to enter my passcode and the developer could have integrated the passcode better.

The tweak has a very clean look, but I am not a fan of the animations. When you are over a card, you can see a blurred version of the app. Ideally it would smoothly ease into to app right from there. Instead it quickly goes back to the lock screen, and then launches the app. While this is a subtle change, it would have improved it a lot.

Using this app in my daily life has been disappointing. I often forget the tweak is there, and I just find the app through the home screen. Swipey lets you pick the order of the apps while swiping, but in reality they showed up in random order. On occasion while swiping through apps, it would randomly just go back to the lock screen adding to the frustration. It also is very tedious to keep swiping to get to the app. If it is not one of the first few, it ends up being easier just accessing the app from the home screen.

All in all, I really like the idea of a launcher on the lock screen to quickly get to a few select apps. I thought I would like using Swipey but I just couldn’t get into it because I often forgot it was there, and some apps took a while to get to. Over time it became a hassle to use and I just ignored it. Between the bugs, the animations, and the tedious swiping, it just wasn’t a tweak for me. However, if you want to try it out for yourself, it’s available for $1.99 in the Cydia Store.

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