iPhones claim top three spots in network usage rankings


The top three most used smartphones in 2013 were the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 (in that order), according to a new study by Actix that tracked communications between mobile devices and carriers’ mobile networks.

Actix found that, on average in Europe and North America, there were 20,608 users on an iPhone 4s per hour, while the iPhone 5 had 20,529 users per hour and the iPhone 4 has 17,880 users per hour. As the data was collected throughout 2013, newer devices, like the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, fail to chart having had much less chance to penetrate the market.

Samsung was the nearest rival, taking places 4th through 6th with Galaxy S3 (7,973 users), S2 (4,603 users) and S4 (3,118 users) models. Many other Samsung models also made the list including its lower-end handsets like the Samsung Galaxy Ace and Galaxy S3 Mini.

Although market share statistics consistently show Android phones outselling iOS phones, the Actix report shows the number of the iPhone dominates when looking at the number of phones actually in use, at least in Europe and North America.


The report also continued on to highlight the most data hungry devices with the same three devices topping the list, albeit in a slightly different order, for the average number of megabytes consumer per hour for all subscribers.

Actix said that they do not currently have enough data to say anything conclusive about the iPhone 5s. “Initial data suggests it will track similar to previous iPhones,” the company said.

Are you surprised at all by these numbers?


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  • DrewPage

    Well, as a Mac and iDevice guy, I certainly love seeing graphs like this.  I was surprised to see the iPhone 3GS still in there.  I am not sure why anyone would be using one at this point, but more power to them.