iPhone sees only gain in smartphone usage share over holidays, Kindle Fire and Surface improve in tablets

According to a new report from analytics firm Chitika, the iPhone was the only smartphone to make gains in usage share over the holidays. The figures, based on North American web traffic share between December 20 and 29, indicates a 1.8% usage share increase for Apple smartphones, taking the total usage share to 54.3%. Chitika suggest that the surge in usage is down to the popularity of iPhones as Christmas gifts.

Google’s share remained the same with Motorola, Samsung, LG and HTC all losing usage share, according to the report.


However, the report isn’t all great news for Apple. According to Chitika, the tablet race was much more competitive with Amazon and Microsoft making the largest gains in usage share. Amazon tablets, namely the Kindle Fire, saw a 0.6% rise in usage share with the Microsoft Surface continuing its impressive year end run, gaining 0.5%.

Apple’s iPad usage share dropped by 1.3%, according to the data, which Chitika blames on the devices’ higher price points compared to other tablets meaning customers are directed towards other brands for gift giving.

Overall, though, Chitika concludes that Apple remains top dog for usage share for smartphones and tablets combined:

However, in both the smartphone and tablet spaces, Apple users still generate the highest share North American Web traffic as compared to any other manufacturer

The North American smartphone and tablet markets are fairly mature, meaning huge swings between manufacturers are unlikely, so the data in this report may not come as a surprise to many. I am not at all surprised that the iPhone made gains over Christmas, the iPhone 5c has reportedly brought in many first-time iPhone owners.

As for tablets, the Kindle Fire has been performing well and Microsoft has been marketing its Surface aggressively. However, I wouldn’t have expected the iPad, given the two new models launched late in 2013, would see a loss of market share over the holiday period.

Does this report surprise you? Would you expect the iPad, in particular, to have performed better than this data suggests? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter: @TodaysiPhone.

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