iPhone 6 coming in two larger sizes [rumor]


There have been rumors for quite a while that Apple was looking to release a bigger iPhone. Well, actually, these rumors have been out since the release of the iPhone 5, and have only gained traction in recent months. According to Chinese analyst Sun Changxu, the iPhone 6 will be coming in not one, but two larger sizes, including 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch displays for the two new devices. Even more interesting, the analyst also predicts that we may be seeing these devices sooner rather than later, as he predicts that the iPhone 6 could be unveiled as early as June of this year.

While these rumors may be exciting, I personally find it highly unlikely that this rumor will be true. While a larger screen is possible for the next iPhone, I don’t see Apple jumping to nearly 6 inches on the iPhone, and I also don’t expect to see two new larger iPhones this year. While it is possible that Apple has been working on a larger iPhone, I don’t expect to see two new phones launched by the company this year.

What do you expect to see out of Apple when it announces the iPhone 6? Will we see two devices, each with significantly larger screens, or do you expect to see one device? What is your ideal screen size for the iPhone 6? Drop your thoughts into the comments section below, or send me a tweet at @TiP_Griffin.

Source: CNET

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  • RedGeminiPA

    I really can’t comment on which size would feel better without holding each of them in my hand. 

    I don’t foresee Apple going back to a summer release, since it was a strategic move when they shifted to the fall timetable. They want new iPhone sales to count in the seemingly important holiday quarter.

  • AGUi_STYLE31

    I believe that Apple could release two bigger iPhones this year. Considering that the have reales the new line of phone last year with the iPhone C along with the iPhone 5s last year. That could only mean that they might be upgrading both phones to bigger scree sizes. The iPhone 6 and maybe iPhone Cs??! For all we know. If what Sun Changxu is saying is truth, this is the only thing that could explain his assumption.