iOS device sales could be as high as 80 million for holiday quarter

A sales survey conducted by Canaccord Genuity is today suggesting that Apple’s holiday sales may have been as high as 80 million devices.

In a note to investors released today, analyst T. Michael Walkley suggested that the preliminary sales figures were so high because of massive demand for the iPhone 5s and the iPad Air, which he purports sold 54 and 28.8 million devices respectively (up 13% and 8% from last year). More astoundingly, these estimates don’t include sales of the iPod touch, which usually makes up around 50% of iPod sales year-round.

iPhone 5s

Walkley has also suggested that Apple sold around twice as many iPhone 5s devices as it did 5c, so on average, iPhones are selling at around $620.

The figures are a precursor to Apple’s earnings call on Jan 27, where the official sales figures will be made public.

Walkley predicts that at the end of Q1 in March, Apple will have sold 42 million iPhones, although this may be higher depending on the success of Apple’s deal with China Mobile. He also predicted that Apple would sell 180.4 million units in 2014.

In his note, made available to Apple Insider, Walkley was rather dismissive of Apple’s Android competition…

“With each new high-end smartphone introduction featuring a slightly fast processor, slightly better graphics, marginally better camera, slightly thinner form factor, and slightly bigger screen, we walked away from CES essentially unable to distinguish what was new or different about any of the essentially identical looking LTE Android smartphones introduced,”

With that in mind it will be interesting to see just how well Apple performs in the coming year, however for now the pressing excitement is over Apple’s holiday sales figures, which we will bring to you at the end of the month!


Via: Apple Insider

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