Half of iPhone 6 production to go to Pegatron according to sketchy rumor


Apple supplier Pegatron is expected to win a contract to manufacture half of iPhone 6 supplies, according to a report from Taiwan’s Liberty Times and supported by a report from AFP, citing plans for a new plant in Kunshan and anonymous sources. Currently, Pegatron is responsible for assembling Apple’s iPad mini and iPhone 5c with Apple’s main supplier Foxconn managing iPhone 5s production.

From AFP:

In order to meet the demand, Pegatron has started building a new plant at Kunshan, a satellite city near Shanghai where all its iPhones are assembled, the Liberty Times said without identifying its source.

The paper said the Kunshan plant is scheduled to become operational in the middle of the year and start mass production late this year, when Apple is expected to roll out its iPhone 6.

It’s unclear from the reports how the iPhone 6 production would be split. Rumors of an iPhone with a larger screen have been plentiful and it is anyone’s guess as to whether Apple will update the c-line of iPhones at the same time as the iPhone 6 is introduced.

The reports also fail to highlight where the other half of iPhone 6 supplies would be manufactured although, presumably, Foxconn would be involved considering Apple’s historical reliance on them for the bulk of its manufacturing. In recent times, Apple has certainly taken measures to avoid supply chain disasters by diversifying manufacturing, such as handing over iPhone 5c and iPad mini production to Pegatron in 2013, so the idea is plausible even if it is without solid evidence.

Regardless, iPhone 6 is, at present, simply a speculative product with very little offering any insight into the device so far, except a pair of incredibly dodgy pictures of the next generation device’s chassis (which look strikingly similar to Samsung Galaxy S4 parts). Rumors suggest that the device may have a larger screen, and judging by history it will contain advances in processing ability and camera technology (although it will probably still be 8MP).

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  • DrewPage

    Yep, and we all know what these Sketchy rumors are usually worth.  However, as the year goes on, if we see the same rumors coming out of China, they are probably partly true.