First 2014 iTunes App of the Week: Scanner Pro

The iTunes App of the Week is perhaps one of my favorite weekly installments from Apple. While this may make me sound cheap, I love a free app, especially when I know that it normally is a paid app. I just can’t help loving a good deal, and nothing is better than free, right? Well, the iTunes App of the Week is continuing strong in the new year, and the first 2014 App of the Week has been announced. Scanner Pro is getting the recognition this week from iTunes.

Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro for iOS is an app that allows users to scan documents and store them as PDFs. The app also features automatic border detection, which allows the app to automatically resize ad reshape the document to make sure that your scan looks like it was done on a full-sized scanner. While apps like this aren’t usually quite as good as a full scanner for your computer, I personally use one, and I love these types of apps. They allow me to scan on the go, and email a PDF to someone without the need to be near my computer, or even worse, my printer/scanner at home. The app also supports outgoing faxes as in-app purchases. The convenience of scanner apps is something that is great and is well worth the free download as App of the Week.

Be sure to check out Scanner Pro on the iOS App Store, and be sure to do it quick, as once the promotion is over, the app will go back to its normal $6.99 price. Do you use scanner apps? If so, tweet me at @TiP_Griffin and let me know why you use them!

Source: 9to5Mac

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  • YourButler

    JeffGJeff that looks nifty!

  • JeffGJeff

    YourButler indeed…if you have an iphone…

  • YourButler

    JeffGJeff ha – yes. Aon’t you get spammed to hell when you mention the i word on Twitter??

  • kahunter6

    GraemeCampbell I will check this out. Thx!