Developers stage hackathon to protest ‘candy’ trademark attempt by Candy Crush makers

Candy Jam

Ever since King, maker of the incredibly popular Candy Crush, attempted to trademark the word ‘candy’ many have openly crititized the company for attempting to trademark a commonly used word. Other developers have also joined the movement against the trademarking of the word ‘candy’ by starting a hackathon, called Candy Jam, which encourages other smaller developers to create candy themed games from now until February 3rd to protest the attempted trademark of ‘candy’ since “trademarking common words is ridiculous” according to the website.

The event was created by, an independent game distributor. The main issue with King’s hope to trademark ‘candy’ is that the company has recently been sending out letters to developers warning them to stop their use of the word candy in their game titles. King has also already trademarked the word ‘saga’ and also owns the trademark to ‘candy’ in Europe. While the developing company is hoping to protect its intellectual property, the trademark attempt has clearly left other developers frustrated, as the word is seen as a common word, and frankly the trademarking of the word ‘candy’ is ridiculous.

Although it still may not be approved, the attempt of the trademark from King is absurd to me. Since the developer had nothing to do with the invention of the word ‘candy,’ they should not be able to trademark a word that is far older than the company itself. Do you think the trademarking of a common word is ridiculous, or do you think that King should be granted the trademark? Sound off in the comments section, or tweet me at @TiP_Griffin.

Source: AppleInsider

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