Best weather apps for iPhone: BeWeather, Perfect Weather, Solar, Weather Line and more

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The built-in iOS Weather app got a decent facelift with iOS 7. The app shows current conditions, hourly and 5-day forecasts for your location or those of your choosing. For most people, this will be enough information. Some weather info is even available in the Today view in Notification Center making accessing it even easier.

However, for a few people, more data is desirable or even necessary and, luckily, the App Store provides an abundance of alternative weather apps for you to choose from, with prices to suit everybody.

Here are some of the best weather apps for iPhone.


BeWeather Screens

BeWeather is a minimally designed weather app but offers a wealth of information under its clean aesthetic including 24-hour and 7-day forecasts, weather maps with radar and satellite, severe weather warnings and access to thousands of live weather webcams from around the world. An in-app purchase of $2.99 allows access to BeWeather Pro and even more info, like hurricane tracker, minute by minute rain forecasts, weather notifications and more.

If you want a feature-packed yet minimal looking weather app, BeWeather is a great choice.

Free ($2.99/£1.99 in-app purchase for Pro features) – Download now

Perfect Weather

Perfect Weather Screens

Perfect Weather by Contrast provides a clear view of the weather for US users (sorry international readers) by striking a balance between information density and clean interface. The app features 7-day forecasting, maps with animated radar (shareable as an animated GIF), detailed current conditions and more. The interface allows you to see basic conditions and temperature for all your locations at once making for great glanceability.

If you want a weather app that strikes the right balance between information and sheer prettiness, Perfect Weather is for you.

$2.99 – Download now


Solar Screens

Solar is about as minimal looking as weather apps get. Using a gradient background and animations to depict the current weather, showing basic data like location, temperature and current conditions. Gestures are employed to show more detailed information: swipe down for 3-day forecasts, swipe up for 24-hour conditions, swipe left and right between your locations.

For a simple, elegant and minimal weather app, consider using Solar.

Free – Download now


Today Weather Screens

Today is a weather app with a unique interface for viewing current conditions, 24-hour and 7-day forecasts for a number of locations. Simply swipe between locations and tap to get more detailed information. The app also has radar support for US locations and National Weather Service alerts for US and UK locations.

For a tidy, slick and unique take on the weather app category, Today may be worth taking a look at.

$1.99/£1.49 – Download now


WeatherBug Screens

WeatherBug prides itself on its wealth of weather information. What it lacks in interface, it makes up for in data. Enjoy hourly and 10-day forecasts, detailed weather conditions including precipitation, wind, pressure, humidity and more, radar map for US locations and severe weather alerts. As well as giving you the information straight, WeatherBug also offers “Lifestyle Forecasts” to help you plan for outdoor activities, watch out for high pollen count and cold and flu.

If you prefer, or require, data and information over a pretty interface, WeatherBug might be best for you.

Free – Download now

Weather Line

Weather Line Screens

Weather Line provides weather information quickly and speedily in the form of an infographic. See 36-hour, 7-day and 12-month weather information with temperature, conditions and precipitation all in one place. The app does its best to interpret that visual data for you too, offering natural language explanations of the data on screen. Weather Line supports severe weather warnings in the US and UK too.

For a beautiful and informative weather experience, Weather Line is a decent choice.

$2.99/£1.99 – Download now


Weathertron Screens

Weathertron presents weather information in an interactive info graphic featuring 24-hour visualizations and 7-day forecasts. Weathertron prides itself on its accuracy, sourcing data from 16 sources, aggregating and weighting them to provide the most accurate results for your location.

For a smart, simple-to-use and visual weather experience, take a look at Weathertron.

$1.99/£1.49 – Download now

Yahoo! Weather

Yahoo! Weather Screens

Yahoo!’s own Weather app, which many believe to have inspired Apple’s own iOS Weather app redesign, strikes a good balance between information and glanceability. The app shows you current temperature and condition details, hourly and 5- or 10-day forecasts along with humidity, visibility, wind, precipitation and sun/moon data. It’s minimally designed, easy to navigate and provides a decent amount of data from Yahoo!’s own weather data. The background images, sourced from flickr, match the location you have set which is a nice touch.

If you want a simple user experience and decent amount of data, Yahoo! Weather is probably ideal for you.

Free – Download now

Your favorites?

We know that you are great at finding some real gems in the App Store. Any weather apps you love that you would see added to this list? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter: @TodaysiPhone.

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  • rwbwinski

    Try the Intellicast HD app…. Nothing else will do. OR is more accurate. This company supplies weather TO THE FAA.It better be right or people perish.. You pick.