Apple to start iPhone 5c screen repairs in-store next week [Rumor]

Numerous sources are suggesting that Apple will begin in-store repairs  and replacements of broken iPhone 5c displays as of next Monday.

iPhone 5c

The news has been coming for a while now, with Apple already testing the initiative in a few select US stores in recent months. Stores are outfitted with special calibration machines that can replace broken displays usually within the hour. These repairs are free for users under warranty, and will otherwise cost $149, whilst that’s admittedly a little steep, it’s much cheaper than purchasing a brand new device. Until now Apple would simply replace these broken devices with new units, which of course requires a new device setup, a process that can be inconvenient for some.

The full rollout of this initiative will begin on Monday 20 in all Apple’s retail regions except for Hong Kong and Canada.

iPhone 5s repairs have not reached this stage yet, and as such won’t be available at the same time. They are however being tested, so you can expect to see a similar service offered for Apple’s flagship device in the coming months.


Via: 9to5 Mac

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  • jamsD arther

    Apple might be able to fix it, but at $149 as stated above, it seems like you could buy a used one off craigslist and sell your broken one to, or, take the money you get and the $150 you would spend and you might be able to get yourself another one that is even better for much cheaper.  These places that buy broken iPhones pay nearly $300 for a broken iPhone 5C, so it seems like you could just take that $300 and another $150 and you could easily get a 5C on my craigslist area at least.  hmm.  $150 seems kinda expensive!…