Anki DRIVE update brings new upgrades and weapons to cars

A software update has brought brand new upgrades and weapons to Anki DRIVE’s race cars.

The phenomenal driving game operates over iOS, and is one of the most fascinating toys ever created that runs in conjunction with Apple’s mobile software. According to Anki, over 42 million laps have already been driven on Anki track in America and Canada.

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This new update allows each race car access to up to 20 upgrades in four areas, chassis, combat, engine and energy, as well as weapons and other tradeable items. This include manoeuvres such as Reverse Drive, which allows your car to drive against the flow of the race track, or a Kinetic Brake which will stop your car, forcing adversaries to move in front of you. There’s also an electromagnetic pulse, and of course a car horn.

Upgrades are swappable, but you expend some points when you trade a skill, so you’ll have to keep earning in order to stay ahead of the competition.

The Anki DRIVE update is available on the App Store absolutely free now! App Store


Via: Engadget

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