Analysts predict average of 55.3 million iPhones sold last quarter

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Apple’s first quarterly earnings results are due to be announced one week from now, and as usual, industry analysts are predicting what the company’s set to announce. One key metric mentioned is the number of iPhones sold. With it being the holiday quarter, and the first full quarter for both the new iPhones, we’re expecting a pretty high number. Fortune has rounded up what each of the 44 analysts believes to be an accurate estimate, ranging from 50 million up to 59 million iPhones sold.

When added together and averaged out, the figure is just over 55 million iPhones. Or, 55.30 to be precise. During the same quarter last year, Apple sold just under 48 million. Although the 16% increase might not seem like much, it will surely do enough to convince Wall Street investors that Apple is still a company on the up. It would also represent a record quarter for the iPhone. Add these estimates to the fact that Apple and China Mobile (the world’s largest carrier) have recently started a partnership, and 2014 could finally be a good year for Apple on the stock market.

What’s particularly interesting about this year’s predictions is the gap between low and high estimates. This year it’s only 9.7 million between the highest and lowest predictions. At the same point 12 months back, the gap was closer to 20 million. A further indication that analysts and investors are starting to believe in Apple again. The uncertainty created by the wide-ranging prediction and rumors last year had a terrible effect on Cupertino’s value. Stability was certainly needed.

As a result of this new-found stability and the deal with China Mobile, Apple share prices have risen from around $425 per share to today’s $540 in the space of 6 months.

Via: Fortune

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