WSJ: Sprint to place bid to buy T-Mobile

A couple years ago, the possible AT&T, T-Mobile (or AT&T-Mobile) merger was all the talk. The deal was accepted by Deutsche Telecom, T-Mobile’s parent company, and things looked as if they were all but final. However, the deal was struck down by the US Justice Department, in part thanks to heavy lobbying against the deal by the third largest carrier, Sprint. However, it appears as if Sprint may have had other ideas when it blocked the merger.

Sprint T Mobile

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Sprint is preparing to place a bid to purchase T-Mobile. This merger would combine both companies, and make them more competitive, and closer to the size of the two larger companies, AT&T and Verizon. The report claims that much of the interest from Sprint is thanks to the CEO of Softbank, Masayoshi Son. Softbank acquired 80% of Sprint earlier this year, meaning that Son essentially has control over the company.

It is likely that the deal would be good for both companies, as it would help them combine into one larger company that could better compete with the two largest wireless carriers in the States. It also appears as if investors in both companies are excited about the news as both Sprint and T-Mobile stock were up today. I, for one, would love to see the merger occur because I think that having three carriers of similar size would allow for even more competition, and wouldn’t force one or two carriers to play desparate catch-up. However, I would hope that this wouldn’t change all the great work T-Mobile has done as of late. Their new ‘uncarrier’ push has been genius, and I hope that a merger wouldn’t put an end to that push.

Are you as excited about the possibility of having three similarly sized carriers as options in the US, or are you upset at the possible loss of one of the four major carriers? Sound off in the comments below, or tweet me at @TiP_Griffin.

Source: WSJ

Via: Forbes

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  • jabombardier

    Yes. I prefer 4 major carriers. Not 3. And son should take his money and build out sprint. That’s more important

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