3 great wireless charging options for iPhone 5/5s [Roundup]

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Despite other manufacturers having built in wireless charging to their devices, Apple has decided to hold out. Instead, it’s gone with making its devices skinnier and reducing the size of its proprietary connector. But just because you have an iPhone doesn’t mean you can’t experience the convenience of just placing your handset down on a mat to charge. There are options available. In fact, there are some good choice out there. Here are some of the best wireless charging cases for iPhone 5/5s.

1. Duracell PowerMat for one and AccessCase – $89 together

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PowerMat is the number 1 known brand for wireless charging products. It’s why Duracell snapped the company up a couple of years ago and splashed its own copper and black color scheme everywhere. There are a couple of options available for iPhone 5/5s users. For the sake of not adding bulk, I recommend the AccessCase ($49.99) and PowerMat for One. Unless you need to charge multiple devices, the single mat should do adequately.

Essentially, it’s a thin snap-on case with a lightning port and wireless charging receiver in the back. Its design is kind of odd, in that between the bottom edge of your phone and the case’s base is a gap. The only thing bridging that gap is the Lightning connector. It’s a pretty unique design and is available in black or white. If you want extra power, you can add the snap-on battery pack that fits the AccessCase to give you a portable battery pack on the move. Or, spend $129 on the PowerSet II, a package combining the AccessCase, the PowerMat for two devices and the snap-on battery pack.

Check out the entire Duracell PowerMat iPhone range here.

2. uNu Aero case and mat for iPhone 5s/5 – $99.95


uNu was one of the first companies to release a charging case (of sorts) for the iPhone 5, and it’s taken a little time to create its wireless one. The Aero wireless charging cases features a built-in 2,000mAh backup battery. This should give you a full extra charge on your iPhone, similar to what you’d get with the likes of the Mophie Juice Pack Plus, or the Incipio OffGRID Pro. But, when you add the convenience of a wireless charging mat to the mix, for the same price as what you’d normally spend on a high capacity case, it’s great value for money. Charging both case and phone together will take a good 4-5 hours in total, but should get you about 2 days of use.

Buy the uNu Aero case from myuNu.com.

3. iQi for iOS – From $25 (Available from January 2014)

We can’t report on wireless charging options without mentioning iQi. What’s particularly awesome about iQi is that you don’t need to buy a special case. It’s an Indiegogo project which recently got all its funding, with 20 days still to go. Essentially, it’s a small, thin wireless charging receiver that’s flexible and stupendously thin, but has a Lightning connector attached. This means you can slip it inside any regular iPhone case, adding no bulk whatsoever. So, if you’ve invested in a leather iPhone case, simply slot the iQi inside and you can charge it wirelessly.

Obviously – as the name suggests – iQi uses the standard Qi wireless charging technology. If you have a base/stand already like Nokia’s wireless charging stands or the Nexus Orb (for instance) you don’t have to invest in any new chargers. It’s fantastic value for money and the ultimate in convenience and portability.

Check out iQi’s Indiegogo project here.

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