Top Stories This Week: Pebble watch review, wireless iPhone 5s chargers, iOS 7.1 beta 2 and more…

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This week’s been an interesting one in the world of Apple. Here at TiP we’ve quite a variety in stories. Possibly the most important news to come from Cupertino is the release of iOS 7.1’s latest beta. We’ve also reviewed the Pebble watch (finally) and hunted down a few decent wireless charging solutions for the iPhone 5s and 5.

1.Pebble smartwatch is awesome, and you should buy one [Belated Review]

The Pebble watch has been available for quite some time, but we’ve only been able to get hold of one this week. Kyle reviewed his, and loved it.

2.3 great wireless charging options for iPhone 5/5s [Roundup]

A few days back, I decided to go on a hunt for wireless charging solutions for the iPhone 5/5s. Unlike other OEMs, Apple doesn’t build it in to its devices, and so the only way around it is to get a case. I found three worth your time and money.

3.iOS 7.1 beta 2 released, comes with miscellaneous changes and improvements

iOS 7.1  will be the first major “dot” update to iOS 7 and will feature a few important features. Beta 2 has been released to developers.

4.Gorgeous OS X 11 concept imagines iOS 7-inspired transparency and apps

With iOS 7, Jony Ive added layers of transparency and bright colors to an aging user interface. One designer opted to apply the same creativity to OS X. It looks great.

5.iPhone Air and iPhone 6c concepts published, latter is colorful and curved [videos]

Interesting, but also a little pie-in-the-sky concepts of the ultathin and stupendously curved iPhones.

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