Startup looks to use iBeacons to push Newsstand content to nearby devices

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 4.01.59 PMiBeacons are a technology that was introduced in iOS 7, and hasn’t been put to much use quite yet. However, there are plenty of companies popping up around the idea of iBeacons, such as baseball parks implementing the new feature as well as stores such as Macy’s. A new adventure into the technology includes the use of iBeacons to deliver up timely Newsstand content if a user is in a specific location (or within 15 meters, at least). The service, which is started by Exact Editions and being dubbed “ByPlace,” is something that stores could use in order to offer free content to users in a certain vicinity.

This idea is really quite neat, and opens new doors for the iBeacon service. Suggestions for the service include showing theater magazines in movie theaters or business magazines in airports, etc. Something that immediately sprang to my mind (from a company that likes to live in the age of technology) is that Starbucks could use this, offering a free magazine issue or newspaper issue when you come in to have a coffee.

iBeacons have tremendous potential for publishers. They offer a discrete, low cost way for publishers to do something they’ve never before been able to, market their product digitally based on location. At Exact Editions we are delighted to once again be at the forefront of innovation with Newsstand apps.

That quote comes from Daryl Rayner, managing director of Exact Editions. For those that don’t know about iBeacons, they use Bluetooth LE, a new low energy version of Bluetooth that can send information between devices (it is what Pebble uses, for example). As I said before, Macy’s has put this into testing and MLB has announced that parks will begin implementing the feature. I hope that this sort of thing catches on, as there are many different ways these could be implemented; and this is only the beginning.

What do you think? Interested in seeing how iBeacons work? Would you like to have this in a store you go to often? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: AppleInsider, Exact Editions


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