Report: Apple buys Topsy, a social analytics startup, for $200 million

Topsy-website-bannerAccording to a report coming out of the Wall Street Journal, Apple has acquired yet another company. That’s right, another; the subject of this purchase was social related, however, coming in at around $200 million Apple bought Topsy, the social analytics startup. This deal has been confirmed my Apple however there has been no comment on the purchase, such as why the company would want this type of service in its ecosystem. Some speculation points towards further social integration into Siri, or even some type of social integration for iTunes Radio. From the WSJ…

Topsy specializes in data from Twitter, TWTR -1.90% offering tools to analyze tweets and other information to help track consumer sentiment. Its tools can decipher how often a specific term is tweeted, find an influential person on a specific subject, or measure the exposure of an event or campaign.

The company is one of a handful of Twitter’s partners who have access to the so-called “firehose”—the full stream of all tweets posted to the service. Topsy competes with DataSift Inc. and Gnip Inc. to analyze and resell this data to customers.

The service is definitely different from what Apple has bought in the past, but it wouldn’t drop $200 million on a company if it didn’t have a plan in place for it. It’s just a matter of what in the world that plan could be. The Apple spokesperson gave the usual “We generally do not discuss our purpose or plans” response, which was entirely expected. This could be implemented almost anywhere. Of course, we will just have to wait and see exactly what Apple chooses to do, and can speculate on next week’s purchase.

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Via: iDB, WSJ


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