PanoPal seeks to give you the perfect panorama shot [Kickstarter Project]

8126f1706bc54db24c308a989ea30d98_large With iOS 6 and the iPhone 5, Apple finally enabled its camera app to take panorama images. As many of you will doubtless have experienced, getting the image perfect first time is almost impossible. You have to keep your iPhone bolt upright and make sure you don’t rotate it too quickly or slowly. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s ended up with black patches in the image where I’ve not been steady enough, or experienced uneven lines where the image doesn’t fit together correctly.

There are accessories on the market to help alleviate these problems, but the PanoPal promises to be the only one that’s specifically engineered to take perfect panoramas each time.

PanoPal is a remote-controlled, rotating device designed specifically to capture panoramas from your iPhone. It also features a an attachment for fitting in any standard camera with the universal tripod-mount screw thread. It also features a built-in Li-on 370mAh battery which will give you 5 hours of use. It pairs with a remote control has 4 different rotating speeds and charges via Micro USB. It’s also been designed to be universal and work with almost any smartphone or camera.

There’s also a Bluetooth version, controllable via a Bluetooth remote control, which gives it the ability to take pictures using the control.
It comes in fours colors: Aluminum silver (Kickstarter only), electric pink, sky blue and classic black.

If you want to see PanoPal come to market, you can pledge between $5 and $110 with prizes ranging from “thank you” to a limited edition Aluminum PanoPal with camera mount and BT remote.

To find out more, hit the Kickstarter project page.

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