New Version of Google Glass usable with prescription glasses

It has emerged today that Google’s Glass Explorers will be able to swap their first generation Glass devices for a newer model.

This new model will be faster and more durable, as well as being compatible with prescription glasses and featuring a whole load of new accessories. The switch won’t cost Explorers, who bought their Glasses before October 28th, a penny more, but isn’t a mandatory upgrade.


A Glass unit has been leaked showing how the unit can be mounted on prescription glasses, but has since been removed from Google+, it’s likely that this is the newer product that explorers are being offered.

Google Glass remains in its Explorer stage, and is yet to be released for consumer sale. If you’d like to know more about Google Glass, be sure to hit @TiP_Kyle on Twitter, as he’s currently testing a pair!


Via: Engadget

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