New Snapchat update adds filters, front flash, and more

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If you’re a big Snapchat user, you’ve likely gotten used to the simple interface, and minimal options that come along with customizing images. The app previously lacked filters except for some hidden ones, such as typing “b&w…” as the caption, which would change the image to black and white, or other similar filters. However, today the app has been updated to officially include new filters, as well as some other major updates.

Along with filters, the app now has the option for smart filters, which are simply filters that will add the time, temperature, or current speed. While these seem interesting, I find it hard to see how useful these filters will be. In addition, the app now includes other features such as new caption fonts, and perhaps my favorite, a front facing flash. Yes, for the first time, the app now gives users the ability to have a “flash” for the front facing camera by flashing a blank white screen at the time of the image. This essentially has the same effect as the rear flash, but allows users to now take selfies in the dark, rather than having to attempt to use the rear camera. If you’ve ever tried to use the rear camera for a selfie in the dark, it’s pretty tricky. Below is the full changelog for the update.

What’s New in Version 6.1.0

Introducing Additional Services

Smart Filters – Add data overlays to your Snaps!
Visual Filters
Special Text
Front-Facing Flash
Up to 7 Best Friends

To enable additional services go to Settings > Additional Services > Manage

As noted by the last line in the changelog, all of these features must be enabled by going to settings within the app, but there is no harm in enabling some of these features. As a Snapchat user, I’m pretty excited about some of these features, most notably the front facing flash. Are you excited about the progress made by this update? Drop your thoughts below, or tweet me at @TiP_Griffin, and be sure to check out the app in the iOS App Store.

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  • Jacinta

    I can’t seem to work out where to find the settings in order to update. I am on an iPhone 4 with up to date software, and the steps mentioned, don’t exist on my phone?

  • Jacinta

    I mean the part where it says ‘settings, additional services, enable’

  • Jacinta

    I mean the part where it says ‘settings, additional services, manage’

  • Kate

    It’s the settings on the snapchat app, not in the phone settings

  • Jorditaylor

    Same thing with me but open up snapchat and click on settings then manage

  • Trc

    There is no manage in the snapchat settings for me

  • isabelseckerrr

    how do you do the font writing?

  • Looploop

    How do you get the effects?

  • Looploop

    Go on settings-manage-special text x

  • brooklinalexis

    Looploop you swipe to the side for the effects!

  • Daliha Hernandez

    How come I can’t do B&w…?

  • Chloe2609

    My doesn’t have manage setting either

  • Julia

    This is such good features for snapchat. But as a android user i cant get them. Its very annoying because i would really want them.Does android have these new features or is it just my phone that doesnt?

    • NotYourMom

      Id rather be able to use the color black than have these features i’ll never use