Labor group concerned over deaths at Pegatron owned facility

pegatron-office“We are paying attention to the working conditions,” is all the Pegatron spokesperson said when asked about deaths that have occurred at a Pegatron owned factory in Shanghai. The response is the normal one that you would expect to hear from an official spokesperson. Local authorities and the factory owners have found nothing wrong with the working and living conditions, according to the same person. Again, something you would expect from someone being accused by labor groups for breaking laws.

This all arose because of deaths that have occurred recently at a Pegatron factory in Shanghai that have concerned a local labor group. The exact number of deaths were not given, but the group has said that the deaths have come from varying illnesses, including pneumonia in a 15 year old. Pegatron claimed that the boy had given papers saying he was older, seeing as a law in China prevents companies from hiring children under the age of 15. China Labor Watch, the New York based labor group exposing the deaths, is worried that factory conditions could be to blame for the deaths. The group released a statement containing the following:

While Shi worked at Pegatron making Apple products, the factory demanded workers to work for 12 hours each day…The factory has denied fault in Shi’s death, as well as the other deaths, and has refused to conduct in-depth investigations.

The report also claims that this factory is one of the many responsible for producing Apple’s new iPhone 5c, the device that was announced in September alongside the new flagship iPhone 5s. “There have been similar illness-related cases before, but I’ve never heard of a pattern emerging,” said the spokesperson for Pegatron. The group has begun asking for donations so that an autopsy may be performed to determine what could have been a factor in the 15 year olds death.

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Via: PC Advisor, China Labor Watch


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