iPhone Air and iPhone 6c concepts published, latter is colorful and curved [videos]

Concepts are popping up everywhere online these days, and it can be difficult to sift through them all and show you the ones that deserve your attention. Some concepts are incredible, others are pipe-dreams, others are just downright weird and the latest two fit in between “never gonna happen” and “what the heck?!”

We’ll start off with the more sensible of the two:

iPhone Air

When I say more sensible, I don’t mean that it’s entirely realistic. It’s stupendously thin. So thin in fact (3mm at its thickest point), that I don’t believe it’d be possible to fit a battery inside it. Presumably it runs off kinetic energy, rainbow drops or some form of black magic. Who knows? But, it looks kinda awesome. If I was to compare it to anything, I’d say it looks like a HTC One forced through a mangle.

What I do really like about it is the textured metallic finish and the placement of the camera lens and two LED strips on the back. It looks really attractive, with gold accents on the metallic ring and volume buttons adding extra polish. Oh, and it has an edge-to-edge screen, which may look incredible, but still would need some form of battery to power it. Unless Apple’s working on a battery that’s less than 1mm thin and somehow has more power than any current cell in any device…

iPhone 6c

From the ambitious and technically impossible, to the ridiculous. The iPhone 6c, where C stands for Curve. It has preposterous curved display sat inside a colorful plastic shell, which is oddly completely flat at the back. Looks more like a mini halfpipe than a smartphone.

Thankfully, Apple isn’t going to make either of these two devices, since they’re the brain-children of SET Solution. However, if Apple could find some innovative way to make a super-thin battery, so thin that it could create the iPhone Air concept here, I’d be very impressed. 6c? Not so much.

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Via: CultofMac

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  • http://iphone-air-iphone-6c.blogspot.com/ Iphone air

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