iPad Air and mini biggest sellers on Black Friday, in good stock too

Apple_Store_Black_Friday_large_0The Black Friday sales have ended, and – as usual – it was a rush of consumers trying to make sure they got the best deals. As has been the case for years, tech is a huge market running up to the holiday season, and this year’s no different. InfoScout analyzed 3,000 receipts from Target sales, and counted up the numbers to see which were this year’s most desired products.

Turns out, it was Apple’s popular tablet: iPad.

According to the analysis, iPads took up the top 3 spots with the 16GB iPad Air, iPad mini (first gen) and 32GB iPad Air finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively. Beats by Dre were in 4th spot, just ahead of a ridiculously cheap 50″ TV.


Analysis of Walmart sales revealed a similar trend, with the cheapest iPad (1st gen mini) taking more sales than any other tech product.

From other reports, it’s safe to assume the devices were well stocked too. Apple was undoubtedly prepared for the sales. iPad Air and iPad mini (first gen) were stocked in good numbers at almost every Apple store across the States. Chris Whitmore, an analyst from Deutsche Bank surveyed over 50 Apple stores as well as carrier retails stores and found that stock was very good, and demand was “robust”.

Perhaps the one product that everyone wants, but can’t get hold of is the new, Retina-equipped iPad mini. As we know, that has been in short supply ever since it launched last month. Cellular and high-storage capacity models are particularly constrained.

Via: AppleInsider, CultOfMac

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  • Jake

    I bought a iPad mini with retina from target…well that’s what I paid for but in actuality it was a mislabeled iPad mini without retina. Since all the retina ones were sold out I have to wait till God only knows when they will get the retina ones back in stock to exchange it. Black Friday at target was a real let down