iOS 8 feature concept imagines “Interactive Notifications”, allows you to reply to messages without leaving an app

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iOS isn’t perfect. It never has been, and it never will be. For years, the jailbreak scene has been the space where developers and engineers address its problems. Before iOS 7, we had tweaks like Auxo and SBSsettings for quick access toggles and multitasking. For messaging, BiteSMS has been one of the most popular downloads from Cydia for a long time. The prime reason for its existence is that it allows users to “quick reply” to messages without leaving apps. It doesn’t exactly feel like it’s coherently part of iOS, and that’s why building such a feature in to iOS is a much-needed addition.

Sam Beckett – over on his YouTube channel – has uploaded a concept showing exactly what he thinks the feature could and should look like as an integrated part of iOS. I’m genuinely impressed. Many concept designers go for the wild, wacky, colorful and flashy ideas. Sam has gone with a much more understated design that looks like it could be implemented without any major difficulty.

To begin with the message notification pops up at the top of the screen as it does currently, except it shows a “reply” option on the right edge. Tap it, and it takes you to a Notification Center-style page. Check out the video below:

Personally, I’d love to see this make it to reality. Whether it’s as a jailbreak tweak now or as an official feature in iOS 8. I don’t care. I just know I want it.

If you like it, be sure to send your appreciation over to Sam Beckett on Twitter: @samjohnbeck

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  • Steel_Winged Pegasus

    As a BlackBerry Z10 user, I already have this feature. BUT hear me out. I’m not hear to make fun of Apple, since BB users are already ridiculed enough. Best for someone like me to stay down and not fight back.

    Truth be told, though, that feature IS very neat and I personally take advantage of that for a quick response. But since I don’t pay attention (nor do I care as long as an iOS or Android user doesn’t force his/her phone down on me) to who uses what, I wouldn’t know who would use this feature a lot.

  • Dwinbush2

    Looks like a wider iPhone image. I’m just hoping and praying.

  • squiggs77

    Yes Please!!!

  • DarrenButz

    This should definitely be developed as a Jailbreak tweak. It looks so much nicer than BiteSMS.