Incipio Atlas ID for iPhone 5s – Overview [VID]

Incipio announced its brand new version of the Atlas case for iPhone. This time out, it’s been adapted to fit the iPhone 5s, and leave you still able to use your Touch ID sensor. Unlike a few other cases, it doesn’t leave the home button exposed, but rather uses a thin membrane that still allows the sensor to pick up your fingerprint. It’s all rather clever.

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  • 2left

    I purchased an Atlas ID for my 5S straight from Incipio.  The hole for the fornt-facing “selfie” camera was cut off line and partially blocked the lense.  I got an RMA and purchased another — same problem.  I tested it with two different 5S’s.  Customer Service tells me the cases they have there don’t have that problem.  Does your test model have the problem?  If not, I wonder if it’s just a certain manufacturing run.

  • Alex

    hi Cam,
    Thanks for this review.
    I still have the same question about the incipio atlas case.
    The protection of the bottom seems very light and really easy to open.
    I’m afraid to open it just during an action.
    Lifeproof protection seems to be better on this point.
    What do you think about this?