iCarbons Skin for iPad Air, the perfect skin? [Review]

When it comes to skins for tech, few companies have the reputation of iCarbons. They’re well-renowned for their carbon-fiber mimicking protective vinyls, and for good reason. They’re fantastic. I got the iCarbons skin for iPad Air a couple of weeks ago, applied it, and have been living with it day-in and day-out since then.

To me, the application was a lot of fun. But then, that’s my personality. I’ve always been one for hard, fiddly application. As a kid that manifested itself as an enjoyment of LEGO, Meccano and making sure my football sticker albums’ stickers were correctly aligned. It was the same pleasure I got from installing the back cover.

First, you have to ensure the top part is properly aligned with the camera and microphones on the top, then check the bottom edge before removing the backing paper. Once you’ve done that you gradually stick it down, squeezing out any bubbles. To cover the edges, you press and smooth around the edges while blowing hot air from a hair dryer to make sure it sticks around all the corners. By comparison, the front panel was a piece of cake.

All in all, I’m left with a skin that adds style, scratch protection and style to my iPad Air. It’s brilliantly engineered. Each cutout perfectly fits around the ports and cameras. In the past, skins covering the front have been skewed on bezels down the sides of the display. The iCarbons has none of that. It’s fantastic.

At $29.95, it’s a decent price and is available in a variety of styles and colors. I highly recommend them. Check out iCarbons.com for more products they cater for, or to order your own iPad Air skin.


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  • DrewPage

    Nice Skin.  Good review.  Thanks Cam!

  • TiP_Cam

    iCarbonsdotcom Pleasure.. I have a feeling I might be investing in an Apple TV and PS4 skin soon. ;-)

  • Johnnydvc

    Hey Cam, could you leave a link for the skin version you reviewed? I searched on the website and didn’t seem to find the model you filmed…

  • iCarbonsdotcom

    JohnnydvcHere’s the link! Let us know if you have any questions :) http://www.icarbons.com/collections/ipad-air/products/ipad-air-white-carbon-fiber

  • Johnnydvc

    Thank you! I was just wondering what the texture of the skin was like – is it smooth or does it follow the design with ridges?

  • iCarbonsdotcom

    JohnnydvcIt has a nice textured feel, just as the pattern looks!