Great last-minute iPhone gifts for photographers and cinematographers: Motrr Galileo, ōlloclip and Optrix PhotoPro X


Now that iPhone cameras are competing with point and shoot cameras in terms of image quality, they’re easily replacing them, purely for their convenience. An iPhone is so much easier to remember than a bespoke camera. But, for creatives, there needs to be the ability to add new dimensions to their photography and videos. So, for those, you should almost certainly consider these awesome accessories as gifts this holiday season.

1. Motrr Galileo – $149


In this day and age, I can’t imagine the tech scene without Kickstarter. Just think about the projects we wouldn’t have: Pebble watch, Mail Pilot, Republique, Ouya and Oculus Rift. And that’s just a few. One of the most interesting ones to come across my path is the Motrr Galileo. Essentially, it’s a robotic base that holds your phone and can be used in a whole host of awesome photography and video situations.

You can use an iDevice to control it during a video call, use it to have your iPhone or iPod be room monitor. But perhaps the best uses are when combined with two third party apps: Sphere and Timelapse. With Sphere you can connect your iPhone or iPod to the Galileo and have it take a 360-degree view of any scene you can think of. Whether its inside a football stadium, a famous landmark or landscape (or my lounge). It requires no precision or effort from yourself. Connect and hit “go”, and it the robotic base does it all itself.

A good time-lapse video can take a lot of time, effort and preparation. But, with the Galileo connected and using the Timelapse app, you can get the device and app to do all the hard work for you. It even adjusts focus and exposure automatically as it goes. It’s pretty awesome and can bring fantastic results. Check the promo video below:

Considering what it enables you to do, the Motrr Galileo is an absolute bargain at $149. I don’t think I could live without it anymore. If you want to order one in time for Santa’s delivery on Christmas Eve, you’ll need to do it very soon. In fact, today is the last day of ordering for guaranteed delivery by Christmas.

You can order the Motrr Galileo from and it comes in the Bluetooth option for iPhones 5s, 5c, 5 and 4s as well as the 5th generation iPod touch. For iPhone 4 and 3GS users, there’s a 30-pin model. It’s available in black and white, and a list of compatible apps is available here.

2. ōlloclip for iPhone 5/5s – from $69


L to R: 3-in-1 iPhone 5c, 4-in-1 iPhone 5/5s, Telephoto and Polarizing for iPhone 5/5s, 3-in-1 Macro lens for iPhone 5/5s

When it comes to clip-on lenses for your iPhone, there are few brands as well-regarded as ōlloclip. From just 12 months ago, when it only had a couple of lenses on the market, to now offering a selection of different lenses for different occasions and uses, your really don’t need to consider any other company.

4-in-1 lens for iPhone 5/5s – $69 ($99 with Quick-Flip case)

For most, this will be the default choice. The 4-in-1 has a choice of two macro lenses (10x and 15x) as well as the fish-eye and wide angle lenses, making it the most versatile option of the lot. It’s also available in colors to match your iPhone, even if you happen to own the gold model iPhone 5s.

Telephoto and Polarizing system – $99

The telephoto lens adds the ability to zoom in 2x to your subject without losing quality of image, making it a much better choice than using the digital zoom on the iPhone’s camera app. And for those of you who like taking photos of lakes, seas and other highly reflective scenery, the polarizing filter lens cuts out any excessive light bouncing off the tips of waves/surfaces.

3-in-1 Macro – $69

For me, this is the perfect addition to my photography. I’m a huge fan of macro shots, I love taking closeup images of insects, plants and seeing things in more detail than you’d ever normally be able to. The 3-in-1 macro lens offers three different macro options: 7x, 14x and 21x. What’s more, it comes shipped with lens hoods that keep you at the perfect focal distance from your subject.

For those of you with an iPod touch, iPhone 5c or iPhone 4/4s, ōlloclip also has you covered. Check out for more information or to order yours.

Having used a variety of different models, I do recommend them highly. Just the convenience of being able to quickly slip-on the lens of the corner of my iPhone is worth it.

3. Optrix PhotoProX – $149


There’s a growing generation of folks who love going out in to the wild with their bikes, snowboards and various other extreme modes of transportation. But they’re no longer satisfied with just experiencing it, they want to share it with the world. Optrix is a company that specilizes in creating rugged, outdoor, waterproof and durable cases and accessories for the iPhone to enable you to do just that.

The PhotoProX is a drop-proof and waterproof case for iPhone 5/5s but it also comes with a selection of 4 different screw-in lenses. It has macro, fisheye, telephoto and a low profile lens to enable you to take photos in even the worst conditions. Whether it be swimming or just pegging it downhill on a mountain bike in the pouring rain, the PhotoProX is a brilliant choice. You can also buy various accessories to mount it to your tripod, strap it to your wrist, even a running dolly and monopod. Optrix has everything to make sure you’re kitted out for your photography ventures.

Head on over to to find out more.

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