Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas launches on iOS

GTA San Andreas

If you’re a big gamer, you’re surely familiar with the Grand Theft Auto series of games. The games started on consoles, and have since expanded and the different versions of games of the series have slowly been rolling out to different mobile platforms over the years. It was brought to our attention fairly recently that GTA: San Andreas was expected to be the next game brought to mobile devices, and today, the game officially launched for iOS.

The game features the same character and plot line as the console version, but optimized for the iPhone and iPad. The game joins GTA III and Vice City as the games that Rockstar has transferred over to iOS. I for one am excited to see this move towards mobile gaming, and I’m personally a big fan of the Grand Theft Auto series of games. If you’re interested in checking out this new version of the series, be sure to head on over to the App Store, where the game is available for $6.99.

Source: Engadget

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