Former SVP at Cumulus Media hired by Apple’s iTunes Radio team

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iTunes Radio has just picked up a new head of international advertising, and his name is Michael Pallad. Pallad’s former position had him as SVP of National and Network Sales at Cumulus Media, a large radio conglomerate that would give him just he experience Apple would be looking for in an international advertising leader. According to AdAge, Pallad will be reporting to iAd VP Todd Teresi, which just goes to show the overlap of iTunes Radio and iAd.

According to his page on Cumulus, Pallad was involved in radio sales as early as 2003, and he was most obviously a big pickup for Apple based on Cumulus saying he was the company leader for “all sales operations for Cumulus Media Networks and the company’s national sales platform.” That’s a pretty big deal when you consider that Cumulus is the second largest radio conglomerate in the nation, owning radio stations that reach 150 million listeners per week.

Pallad’s role at Apple isn’t completely clear, but many are assuming that it will involve furthering Apple’s reach for advertising partnerships for the iTunes Radio platform. Nissan, McDonalds, and other major companies have already jumped on board with Apple’s iTunes Radio advertising, which shouldn’t be a surprise since iTunes Radio comes built in to every device running iOS 7.

For those that aren’t familiar with iTunes Radio (firstly, where’ve you been?), it launched alongside iOS 7 and is available for free inside the Music application, as well as on Macs through iTunes. It is free, however, because of the entire point of this article: advertisements. There are advertisements thrown in to the mix, however in my use of it I haven’t found any that are particularly annoying. Overall, I am a fan of iTunes Radio, but personally go to Spotify for my music streaming needs.

What do you think? Wondering where Apple wants to take this? Do you think Pallad will help Apple expand its business? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: AppleInsider, AdAge

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