Bing for iPad updated with iOS 7 design, Bing Rewards, Gift Finder and more…


Microsoft’s Bing app for iPad was updated yesterday evening to feature a redesigned UI as well as a few more welcome additions. While Bing is often lauded as being one of the most attractive and image-heavy search engines, it’s rarely praised for being the best. Version 2.0 features all-new design for iOS 7, SkyDrive bookmarks as well as a host of other new features:

– A cleaner, simpler UI for iOS 7.
– Save the daily image to use as wallpaper.
– Save bookmarks and images and access them via SkyDrive.
– Share what you find on Facebook, Twitter, and more.
– Earn Bing Rewards credits for your web searches.
– Improved Maps search results.
– Updated Bing logo and color palette.
– Gift Finder – Find appropriate gift ideas for family and friends

Gift Finder might turn out to be one of the most useful feature this time of year as Microsoft attempts to help you find good gifts for your friends and loved ones. It’s also clear that Microsoft knows that it doesn’t attract anywhere near the number of users as Google, and so it’s tempting more people with the offer of “Rewards”.

You can download the new version of Bing for iPad from the App Store now.

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