Best alternative camera apps for iPhone: Analog Camera, Camera+, ProCamera and more

iphone5ScameraFor years now, iPhones have shipped with consistently great cameras. So much so that many casual photographers, like me, have almost entirely ditched their digital point-and-shoot cameras in favour of carrying just one device: the iPhone.

The default iOS Camera app is decent, and it received some updates with iOS 7. But if you want more power, or maybe just something a little bit different to the default app, then the App Store has thousands of alternatives for you.

We’ve trawled through quite a few (believe me) to bring you some of the very best (and just in time for all of your snaps this holiday season).

Analog Camera

Analog Camera

Analog Camera, by Realmac (the team behind Clear and Ember), is a simple and fun camera app with a few usability features over the default iOS Camera.

Quickly snap a picture in the ever-popular square aspect ratio, add a filter and share it to your social network of choice. Images can also be saved to the Camera Roll, emailed or opened in another photo editing app via the share sheet. It’s not all about the quick tap and snap mindset though, with tool to help with leveling and the ability to control focus and exposure if you want to fine tune your photograph.

Analog Camera is really smooth and straightforward, exactly as you’d expect from Realmac, and excels over the default iOS Camera app in usability and charm.

$0.99/£0.69 – Download now

Camera Awesome

Camera Awesome

There are a number of reasons to opt for Camera Awesome over the default Camera app. Camera Awesome is packed full of features including self-timer, exposure/focus controls, image stabilization, slow burst, virtual spirit level and many more shooting options (including video).

The app features editing tools too after you’ve taken your shot allowing for cropping, filtering, and adding effects, filters, textures and frames. You can also “Awesomize” your images which autocorrects your sharpness, temperature, vibrance and contrast levels.

You can share your images to just about any social network from the app too. It’s easy to see why this has been an App Store favorite for many for some time now as it packs in all the functionality the enthusiastic smartphone photographer needs.

Free – Download now

Camera Plus

Camera Plus

Camera Plus by Global Delight is a thoroughly well designed alternative which will be pleasing to anyone who is particularly fond of iOS 7’s design aesthetics.

Functionally it’s great too with a plethora of features. Easily switch between Normal, Macro and Far focus modes when shooting and adjust the exposure. Big Button mode for easy snapping is available as well as image stabilization, burst and timer modes.

Edit images after the fact with a feature dubbed Pix’d to auto-enhance levels, or manually adjust brightness, temperature, saturation and contrast as you see fit.

Share your final images via Messages, Email, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

$0.99/£0.69 – Download now



Camera+ by tap tap tap has been one of the most popular alternative camera apps for quite a while.

Full of power user features like focus, exposure and white balance locks, 6x digital zoom and live exposure, Camera+ makes for a really powerful alternative to the default Camera app. There’s also a front-facing camera flash feature for those late night selfies.

Editing photos is also a large part of Camera+ with its digital Lightbox where photos can be altered in innumerable ways including Camera+’s innovative Clarity feature which auto-enhances dull pictures and brings out the hidden details. Photos in your Lightbox can also be synced between devices via iCloud so you can edit photos on your iPad too.

Sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr are also built in.

$1.99/£1.49 – Download now


ProCamera 7

ProCamera 7 is another nicely designed, iOS 7-optimized app for photographers and it has the full feature set you’d expect. Take a quick snap or spend some time playing with settings like focus, exposure, white balance and aspect ratio adjustments to enhance your shots. Anti-shake, self timer, rapid fire and on-screen ‘Tiltmeter’ round out the features and make the shooting experience as advanced or as simple as the user wants.

After your shots have been taken, you can edit them. Quickly flick through filter previews and colour optimizations or manually adjust levels to get the perfect result.

$2.99/£1.99 – Download now

Your favorites?

We know you are pretty good at finding some gems in the App Store. Do you have any favorite camera replacement apps that you’d add to this list? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter: @TodaysiPhone.

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  • DrewPage

    I’m not sure I agree here.  These are all great apps, but the Apple Camera app is actually very well done and is very quick.  Plus, its available from the lock screen.  Unless you love to apply specific filters to your pictures that aren’t available in Apple’s app, its much more convenient to stick with it, over any of these apps.  I do like the easy sharing features in Analog Camera, I will say that.

  • adamoram

    DrewPage For most users, the Apple is absolutely fine, and the new features with iOS 7 only increase its usability. I use it more than any alternative (especially from the lock screen, great point). 
    But for some, they need some of the shooting modes/features and customizability that the above apps offer. What’s great about iOS is that the default is good enough for most, but there are so many options for those that want a little more power.

  • DrewPage

    adamoram DrewPage Yep, you are right about all that.  However, about Analog Camera.  I went to the author’s website, and I simply can’t find the iOS version of the app.  I do see the Mac OS X version.  I wonder if they have halted development, or if they are working on an iOS 7 version.  It hasn’t been updated since July.

  • cameraplus_app

    Thank you for the mention. A new version (3.1) is due anytime and it brings a whole lot more to the table. Gorgeous filters and elegant text captions are included as well as several overall refinements. Stay tuned!


  • adamoram

    DrewPage adamoram You can download it via the link I put under the app description. If you go to you can read more about it.

  • lisadlemus

    The analogue camera app for iOS is a nice fit for the iOS7 theme, pretty cool. I like the whole blur theme. I am enjoying this app. for more camera apps go here.

  • Jack Puran

    Hi Adam, check out @breezecamera. It’s going to be a huge hit, would love to connect you with the developers to do a story/review!